Installation: a few minutes - Integration: one hour - Training: 30 minutes - cost: minimal, Return: Huge! Real time tracking of your Business activities, measuring revenue, monitoring staff utilization, controlling SLA Read more...



View your daily tickets: Smart phone, Tablet, PC - Enter your time and resolutions: Smart phone, Tablet, PC - Create your own tickets: Smart phone, Tablet, PC. Start enjoying your evenings and weekends. Read more...



Would real time data on work loads and availability make it easier to dispatch service calls to your engineers? Could you do more to increase the efficiency of your operation with a more integrated and automated business process? Read more...


IT Pro Dashboard

  • Free setup and Integration
  • Free data migration
  • Free unlimited training
  • Free 30 day trial
  • As low as $99/month 
    (3 users)


Stop Time Leakage

Calculate the services provided by your team that are not reported and not billed. See your combined earnings and savings with IT Pro Dashboard™.

Affordable management solution for IT companies with real-time access to all your information at the office or on the go. Try IT Pro Dashboard™ today to increase operational efficiency, customer service and your bottom line! Read more...

IT Pro Dashboard™

is a total operation management solution designed by an IT company specifically for your IT company.

This application is developed in response to the growing demand for internal efficiency, accountability and productivity of IT services operations. It helps you to convert non-productive time of your technical staff to billable hours and decrease management, administrative and accounting overheads. Read more...

“For nearly two years we used one of the leading PSA products in the market. However, after growing beyond its capacities and their inability to meet our requirements, we switched to IT Pro Dashboard (ITPD).

Now, our whole staff enjoys the use of ITPD as our resource for in-the-field ticket-entry, contract management and effective billing integration with QuickBooks." Read more...

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